We develop entertainment programs for retirement villages to solve the need for meaningful and cognitively challenging activities for their residents

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To do that we have put together an information pack that contain the famous Hale & Fun Cognitive Challenge, white papers on how to best provide educational programs for your residents as well as a selection of my very own newsletter full of great activities that can be incorporated into your social calendar!

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Hale & Fun

Retirement is a time for Peace and tranquility – Except if you’re someone whose job is to keep up an exciting and fun-filled social calendar for your residents.

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Now, more than ever, retirees and nursing home residents expect to enjoy many more healthy years of learning upon retirement. They demand a richer, more diverse range of activities to remain mentally active and motivated. Even seniors who require special care deserve to receive the educational support they need to maintain a healthy outlook on life. Relatives and caregivers also recognize the need for a more tailored approach to support the educational activities for the ageing population.

How can you keep up with the demands?

Hale & Fun is the premier education and entertainment provider for the senior community of Sydney. We develop educational programs tailored for retirement homes, aged care facilities, nursing homes, senior communities and villages throughout the Sydney area.

At Hale & Fun, we understand that keeping your residents happy, motivated and active is key to any successful retirement home or facility. We know you are already involved in many aspects of your resident’s lives and deal with a broad range of matters ranging from management, sanitation, health, nutrition and living environment issues.

It’s no wonder there never seems to be enough time in the day!

It takes time to also plan courses, develop topics, search and screen for qualified instructors and then gather supporting materials and equipment.

You deserve a helping hand!

Our Facilitators are a passionate group of qualified teaching professionals with academic and artistic backgrounds. We draw on a wide range of skills and expertise to bring courses specifically designed for seniors and retirees eager to continue learning. For the past three years, we have developed unique programs that are tailored to the interests and needs for the retirees of Australia.



We offer courses ranging from the conventional, such as “The History of football”, China Throughout the Ages” or Bush poetry, to the not so conventional, such as “Banned Literature”, “Ghost Tales”, or “The Hunt for Bigfoot and UFOs”.

We coordinate everything from start to finish!

As your dedicated educational entertainers and trainers, Hale & Fun can help make your life easier, while providing your residents a stimulating and fun-filled learning experience. By partnering with us all you need to do is decide the kind of reliable activities and education best suited for your residents.

Newsletter+iconClick here to subscribe to our newsletter and receive some free hints and tips on how to provide exciting and educational programs for your residents