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Happy New Year.

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Hale & Fun (like many of us) wants to start the New Year off on the right foot, with more regular blog entries (of course and like many of us, Hale & Fun has a very long list of new year resolutions ranging from cutting down the amount of coffee, learning to play the guitar and finally figuring out whether Hawaiian shirts are making a come back but that is a blog for another day).

2012 was quite the roller coaster of a year for Hale & Fun we really exploded onto the retirement home scene in a big way and rapidly gained a name for ourselves not just in that field but also further afar with both universities and private teaching groups being interested in what we had to offer for our facilitators in terms of teaching experience.

But more importantly 2012 was a great year for the learning curve. We experimented with a few different ideas, trialed some new concepts and really got to know the market and what our clients wanted a lot better. This means not only will we be hitting the ground running in 2013 but we will be more streamlined, more efficient and (fingers crossed) more profitable haha but all kidding aside- 2013 does look like it is going to be an excellent year all round both for our clients and ourselves with more opportunities to learn and to teach.

So to start the year off with a Bang here is an exciting new blog entry from a guest blogger- Carl Glasmyre. Carl is an aspiring writer who enjoys blogging about anything and everything that crosses his mind. He’s constantly striving to strengthen his writing skills and is continuously grateful that the Internet allows him to share his thoughts with the world.

The New Face of “Retirement”

There’s no such thing as a typical retiree anymore. An influx of seniors are heading back to school to complete degrees that were never finished, pursue a lifelong goal, or simply surround themselves in an environment that’s conducive to learning. The non-traditional student is the norm nowadays at many universities across the nation. Some urban campuses even tout the average student’s age as well above 18.

The good news for seniors looking to return to school is there are still many traditional degree programs. Sure, there are many programs and schools that thrive on having the latest technology, but there are just as many where an old-fashioned notebook and pencil reigns supreme. Seniors just aren’t going back to school. They’re making the most of their golden years.

Keeping the Mind Active
The most important muscle is between your ears. The benefits of keeping the mind active include lowering the likelihood of diseases such as depression and Alzheimer’s, living a happier life in retirement, and in many cases having the opportunities to build and foster friendships. Seniors haven’t had so much free time in their lives. Take advantage of it.

People are often surprised how many activities seniors can do, not to mention enjoy, at their age. Retirees who were business pros might utilize these years to start a business in a field they truly enjoy. Whether they’ve always wanted to work on something specialized like contractor estimating software or start a business blog offering helpful tips to newcomers, now’s the time to dig into something one finds exciting and challenging.

Classes Geared Towards Seniors
There are many classes that are geared solely towards retirees. Whether it’s a community college course, wellness class, or a workshop on woodworking, there are many benefits to a specialized class. Sometimes, the instructor is required to be certified to work with seniors. There are even a number of yoga and fitness classes designed just for seniors. Why not take up a pottery class or try out swing dancing?

Choosing a class geared toward retirees is also a great social opportunity. You’ll be in a class or workshop with others your age. Of course there’s something to be said for learning from all ages, but sometimes you just want to be around people who grew up listening to the same music as you.

Encouraging Participation
If you’re in the position of managing activities and classes for seniors, there are some things to keep in mind. Maybe you’re the Activities Director of a retirement home or the leader of the brand new Golden Age Yoga class at your studio. The most important things you can do to generate interest are to choose an interesting activity and market it properly.

When it comes to teaching the class, respect should always come first. Remember you’re there solely to create a great experience for everyone. Many of your students are doing something for the first time. Be friendly, be professional, and be open to suggestions and questions at all times.

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