Hale & Fun to Chair “Key Highlight” at 5th Annual Dementia Congress

The 5th Annual Dementia Congress is set to feature an innovative new platform for the discussion of the importance of a cognitively active lifestyle in the fight against Dementia.

The congress runs from February 20th-21st and draws together Australia’s leading aged care organizations and research units, with the object of collaborating and communicating around this year’s theme “Making Dementia Care Transformation Happen Today.”  This year’s congress is marked by the introduction of the highly anticipated ‘Interactive Roundtable’, and will be led by Dr. Daniel White of Hale & Fun, one of the nation’s foremost providers of education and entertainment for the senior community.

The interactive roundtable to be led by Hale & Fun led has been identified as one of the “key highlights” of the conference, with the Sydney based organization set to share how they are achieving unprecedented success with mental and physical outcomes in senior communities

Dr. White will be joined by some of the leading minds and voices in Dementia research, including the Hon. Shayne Neumann MP (Shadow Minister for Ageing), Nicole Batsch (Co-Author of the World Alzheimer Report 2012), Prof. Henry Brodaty (Director of Dementia Collaborative Research Centre) and Peter Schofield (Executive Director & CEO of Neuroscience Research Australia) to discuss the future of Dementia care and prevention on a local, national and global scale.

Dr. White has identified two key issues impinging on the success of programs aimed at enhancing seniors’ cognitive health, these being a lack of participant ownership over course content and an absence of perceived of ‘real world value.’

“Sadly, most of our community centers and retirement villages suffer from a lack of programs that recognize and actively address the need for cognitive engagement and productive value”, explains Dr. White.

“The unfortunate and unnecessary consequence is an increase in the risk of Dementia, as well as the development of other mental issues such as depression and extremely low levels of self-efficacy.”

Hale & Fun’s unique approach to battling dementia through learning has drawn significant attention throughout educational and aged care communities, with initiatives such as the highly successful ‘Intergenerational Debating Program’ helping to establish stronger connections between seniors and the outside world that so many feel disconnected from.

Speaking on the importance of reconnecting seniors with the community in a mutually productive capacity, Dr. White outlined the difficult circumstances that render many activities and programs designed to improve cognitive functioning ineffective.

“It’s inevitable that as individual ages their need for external support is going to increase. However, what’s happening inadvertently is that the gradual reduction of routine activities and responsibilities (such as cooking and cleaning) is leaving many seniors feeling as though they are no longer of any value to those around them, that they have become a burden on their carers.”

“At Hale & Fun we’ve invested our time and resources into developing a program that allows seniors to give back to those around them, to experience a genuine sense of contribution to society while also engaging them with a range of cognitively challenging exercises designed to keep the brain fit, healthy and functional.”

This “genuine sense of contribution” comes in the form of having seniors work as mentors for the teachers who facilitate the programs run by Hale & Fun, directly and meaningfully engaging them with the next generation of educators set to shape society.

With their ongoing development of services and programs targeted specifically at the improvement of the cognitive and emotional welfare of seniors, Hale & Fun are set to play a key role at the 2014 Annual Dementia Congress, continuing their charge to make Dementia care transformation happen, today.


Dr. White is the CEO and Executive Director at Hale & Fun, and will be leading the Interactive Roundtable Discussion at the National Dementia Congress in Melbourne on February 21st.

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