Intergenerational Programs with the Professor in the Hawaiian shirt

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Our intergenerational programs

Hi Friends,

It is your old pal, the Professor in the Hawaiian shirt to tell you all about Hale & Fun new initiative that aims to bridge the generation gap while having a lot of fun learning!

Intergenerational activities bring together seniors and young people with the purpose of forming unique connections in educational and social experiences. Both groups benefit from such activities. Seniors experience increased physical and mental activity, as well as enjoyment. Also, it is important for young people to understand the concerns, as well as the values and ideas, of seniors. Such knowledge will help young people be successful caregivers of senior family members. In addition, as they age, the understandings gained from participation in senior activities can make their own aging easier.


Benefits of Intergenerational Programs and Activities

Intergenerational programs are an excellent resource for promoting good nutrition, physical activity and mental activity, and wellness. A growing number of people in social work, education, and wellness are beginning to believe that such programs may hold a great deal of importance, as well as promise for the future of those involved. They can serve as alternatives to expensive healthcare services, offering ways to help children and seniors learn, grow, eat well, and stay physically and mentally active.

Meeting Common Needs

The potential for utilizing intergenerational programs lies in the important physical and emotional needs children and seniors share.

  1. Both young children and older adults want to be understood.
  2. Both groups are also going through significant developmental changes, and acceptance is an important part of being comfortable with those changes.
  3. The need for companionship is high in both groups.
  4. Seniors want to feel useful and coaching and mentoring young people meets that need. Young people benefit emotionally from such mentoring and coaching.
  5. Both groups share a need for autonomy. Young children want to break away from adults constantly telling them what to do. Older adults appreciate a relationship with a young child who simply wants to be with them.

Increasing Physical Activity

In the day of video games, television, and texting, young people often lack opportunities for physical activity, as do seniors in retirement homes. They can enjoy many moderate activities together. Physical activity, such as gardening and walking, increases the mobility of seniors. In addition, these activities can help both children, whom studies have indicated are at an increased risk of obesity, and seniors meet aerobic guidelines and burn calories.


Supporting Mental Health

Sharing and caring provides a safe environment in which seniors and children can experiment, play, and make decisions that increase confidence levels. Educational researchers have pointed out that a number of seniors and children’s psychosocial needs are complementary. Some of these needs can be met when seniors and children come together to learn and share a variety of experiences. In fact, positive intergenerational contact may be an especially important for supporting mental health, including emotional, social, and spiritual growth.


It’s clear that taking the time to build intergenerational relationships among young children and older adults is important. Not only are the physical, mental, and emotional needs of both groups but, but they also have enjoyment, important for a long, happy life for a senior and an excellent developmental tool for young people.

Hale & Fun is 100% behind intergenerational programs and that is why we are piloting a whole range of new concepts including our new “A Bug’s life” & “Intergenerational debating”.


Come to our “Bug’s Life” and say Hi to our good friend “Doug” the burrowing Cockroach, he and all of his friends are part of our live displays coming to a school or retirement community near you soon!


Click below for more information on our programs and how we can help you save time and money