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Our goal at Hale & Fun is to provide an exciting learning program specifically tailored to your community or village needs and interests. You and your senior community can receive the benefits of:

  • Education courses designed for senior citizens in full and half-day sessions, or a series of short sessions held over several weeks, even one-off sessions are available.
  • Programs adapted to meet the needs of your community and become part of an existing social calendar.
  • Classes held in locations that are convenient for you and your residents, such as retirement villages, community centers, libraries and other meeting facilities throughout Sydney.
  • Time savings for the facility service manager, activity coordinator, individual caregiver, families, and other service groups who work with the elderly.
  • Social engagement that encourage family members to participate in activities with their senior relatives.
  • We provide assistance to promote and encourage residents to look forward to attending classroom activities.
  • Access to newsletters full of activities for each season and informational updates related to the retired and senior community.
  • A team of promotional specialists that can assist you, your residents and their families with materials and informational speaker sessions that aid in recruiting residents to take full advantage of the Hale & Fun program.

We Save You Time
Senior community management is a full time role. Complying with governing regulations, safety & health requirements, assisting in resident and family matters and overseeing nutrition and health issues can leave little time for expanding and enhancing the social calendar.

However, that is exactly what is expected! Family members want to know that there is a full range of activities for their senior relatives, the first question that a potential resident will ask is, “what can I do while I am here?” and current residents are also demanding more activities every week.

Finding meaningful activities requires additional concentrated time – Time that you and your staff simply may not have! By partnering with Hale & Fun, you can count on having a dedicated team that provides stimulating educational and social activities for your residents.

Choice of Quality Programs
Hale & Fun specialises in senior education and activities. We cater solely to the retired community – Our programs are simply the best for villages and homes looking to improve their options for senior activities.

We ensure that every course program is engaging, balanced and can offer a real world educational experience for each and every attendee. We believe that education should be inspiring and create enthusiasm in senior learners in a fun, entertaining and educational atmosphere.

Studies have shown that retirees who are engaged and mentally challenged have a healthier well being with less symptoms of mental and health issues.1, 2, 3

Partnering with Hale & Fun allows you to offer variety in your activity schedule. Our syllabus changes from month to month and we are constantly tailoring and implementing educational programs for the senior audience.

Promoting Personal, Social and Intellectual Growth
The type of courses offered by Hale & Fun provide stimulating topics to keep minds active and allow your residents, no matter what their physical limitations might be, to remain up-to-date with new information, technologies and innovations. Our courses help support seniors to recognize themselves as important intellectual and social members in our society.

Cost Efficiency
Many of the courses we offer are of equal level, or higher than community college course work, which can average up to $200 dollars per person. We tailor the unique program specifically to your community, removing the one-size fits all approach. With Hale and fun you can provide your senior community the advantage for continued learning with no restriction to time, travel or location. We work closely with you to find the most cost effective way to provide for your residents, without sacrificing quality.

Seniors who have access to education keep their minds active – According to medical research, mental stimulation is one of the best ways to help in preventing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease and helps to reduce the cost impact in healthcare employees, facility services, and the well being of the individual and their family.1, 2, 3 By implementing an effective activity and educational strategy, you are also adding value and offering cost savings to your facility – This can also be an important consideration for prospective new residents and their families.

Funded Education Programs for Seniors
We are always on the watch for new opportunities in senior education. We work closely with groups such as Productive Ageing for Community Education program (PATCE), an Australian Government based organisation that provides grants-based funding to support adult education providers of education and training specifically for senior Australians. We have the experience and can work with you to put together a grant application for funding, so that you won’t have to.

Click below for more information on our programs and how we can help you save time and money


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