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What is Hale & Fun?

Hale & Fun specialises in fun and interesting sessions by enthusiastic experts whose delivery methods are as unique and flexible as their audience. Hale & Fun delivers education programs to mature aged citizens in the greater Sydney area. Our services are available to nursing homes, libraries and community venues to host fun-based learning sessions that prove humans are never too old to learn.

Senior citizens can choose from many subjects such as biology, digital photography, Japanese studies and creative arts and crafts. Sessions follow personal interests and promote fun and enjoyable education for the senior community.

However, our courses are not limited to the mature learner. Participation between senior citizens and younger friends and relatives is also a key objective of Hale & Fun programs. Many courses have content that can blend current and historical issues, to maintain interest from all generations, and provide a rewarding experience for youth visiting elderly relatives.

Our syllabus and list of course offerings support our enthusiasm of passing on knowledge to others and recognizing that mature persons should not be ignored when it comes to continuing their education.

The Australian Government’s Department of Health and Ageing website points out that “Lifelong learning can exercise the brain and help it stay younger”, but that shouldn’t mean long boring classes or endless exams. “Older adults need and want to learn. They want to stay interested and keep enjoying life to the best of their ability, and they usually have the time to do this”. 4

At Hale & Fun, we know that our programs fill an important need for older Australians who want education that is fun and engaging and supports their well being.

I am a retirement home or nursing facility administrator. Why should we have Hale & Fun provide education and entertainment opportunities?

Having Hale & Fun on your books can help make a good retirement home an exceptional one!

Providing the opportunity for a learning program designed specifically for your residents can be a great way to keep them stimulated and happy. It may not only add extra years to their life, but may also make the life they live a healthier one. According to the research book, The Ageing Mind: Opportunities in Cognitive Research, “Cognitive decline is the main threat for the abilities of elder people to continue enjoying their favourite activities and a major additional threat to quality of their life”. 5

Continued learning can be relaxing and personally fulfilling. A good educational experience focuses on stimulating thoughts, having a laugh and enjoying life. It can boost self-esteem, promote friendships and is relevant at every stage of our lives. Fun based learning and stimulation like that which is offered by Hale & Fun becomes even more important in retirement.

Hale & Fun was recently highlighted in the Southern Courier and Australian Ageing agenda and has been described as the next step in University of the Third Age. Hale & Fun bridges the generation gap by bringing young, energetic teachers into the world of retirees and gives them the opportunity to take control of their learning experience.

We offer a simple and cost-effective way of providing rich and rewarding activities for your residents. We recognize that senior citizens are individuals with unique interests and personalities, and that their education is life-long. Hale & Fun allows you to meet those needs by embracing the very latest in affordable and progressive education and entertainment programs.

 Who are the Facilitators?

Hale & Fun trainers are chosen for their qualifications and expertise in their chosen fields. Many have received academic awards for excellence, however life experiences and a deep passion for fun-based learning are also essential requirements. Selected via a rigorous screening process, our community represents facilitators who are high academic achievers, up-and-coming artists, as well as the elite of the teaching community.

To join our community, it is not enough for you to simply know the field, you must have a passion for the field of learning, as well as having skills and expertise to develop and conduct meaningful educational programs for the retiree and the elderly. You must be able to create a course that uniquely engages, excites, and educates the attendees.

What courses are available?

Hale & Fun offers an incredibly wide range of courses ranging from Cryptozoology, Spanish for Beginners, to Eating Healthy and Arts and Crafts. Because we are a community of educators dedicated to the needs of the mature learner, our courses are constantly being updated with new and exciting topics.

I don’t see a course that I like; can it still be provided?

Definitely. If you don’t see a course you want, let us know and we will find it for you!

 Where do the courses usually take place?

Most of our courses take place in retirement homes, villages and community centres, however we also offer online programs and learning by correspondence

 I am not in a retirement home or village, can I still enroll?

Yes. A number of our facilitators have been conducting one-on-one or small group classes in people’s homes, or a mutually agreed upon location like a coffee shop or library.

 Are one-on-one courses available?

Yes. One-on-one courses, private tutoring and even large convention style presentations are all possible under our flexible curriculum.

Do you offer online alternatives?

Yes. We offer interactive online or hybrid courses, combining both online and face-to-face components. This is a great option for residents with mobility issues.

How many hours are in a course?

Most courses are designed around an eight-hour contact model. Course length can be adjusted, however dependent upon resident’s participation needs.

Click below for more information on our programs and how we can help you save time and money


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