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At Hale & Fun, we have a saying

“If you dont see a topic you like, then let us know”.

Our program is unique because we start with the retirement home community, the residents and management to figure out what they would like to learn, what interest them- from there we can develop a program that is as unique and interesting as the residents themselves.

Some of the courses that we have developed with our clients have included:

Where Biology and Fantasy Collide: The Amazing World of Bigfoot, The Loch Ness Monster and Many Others

Ever wondered what that was that went bump in the night? Or did you see something out of the corner of your eye and no one believed you? You are not alone. Many people may laugh when they hear stories of the Loch Ness monster or Bigfoot, but did you know there is an entire scientific discipline devoted to the study of these creatures whose existence has not yet been proven? Some of the creatures, called cryptids, are obviously fantastical, but cryptozoology studies all manner of suspected cryptids. In this course we will be shining a torch on some of the creatures that live on the fringes of science as well as introducing you to the history and some of the characters that search for them and the methods they use.

When Is It Right to Rebel? William Shakespeare’s Version of The History of The English Kings

Apart from being the planet’s pre-eminent dramatist and one of the great poets of all time, Shakespeare was also a formidable chronicler of history. But how accurate were the bard’s takes on the lives of the English and Scottish kings? Were Prince Hal and Hotspur from Henry IV (Parts I and II) even alive at the same time, let alone the same age? Is there even a scrap of the real king Duncan I and Edward the Confessor in Macbeth? And was there any resemblance between the real Richard III and the monster of the play? In fact was the caricature of the hunchback king just an instrument of propaganda written about the rival House of York in order to curry favour with Elizabeth I, the last reigning Tudor monarch? If you’re interested in these questions and more, hear history come alive, cast by the greatest ever exponent of the English language.

Witches, Werewolves, Zombies and UFOs: A look At The History of Our Most Iconic Myths

This course takes a look at one of the four most enduring myths or legends, the history of their occurrence, possible scientific explanations for the mania surrounding them.

Is The Book Always Better Than The Movie? A Study Of Adaptation

Loved the Harry Potter books? Preferred the movies? Or perhaps you like BBC period dramas best? In our time together, we’ll examine the transformation of works of literature into cinema – formally known as the study of adaptation. We’ll look at how and why books are chosen to become films and altered to suit the cinema, and the differences between books and movies, discussing whether the novel or the film was necessarily “better”. We’ll also look at what an “adaptation” is – can we really say, for example, that The Lion King is a version of Hamlet, and if we do, what does that mean? This course will examine a variety of literary works and adaptations to get critical thinkers and those with debating skills to form their own literary theories about whether the book really is, or was always better than the movie.

The First Rock Stars: Poetry From The 17th To The 20th Century

Why do people get so worked up about poetry? Apart from poetry being the language of love, in the hands of a master it can be the language of life itself, telling us our place in the day-to-day and how it is we came to be here. This course will give you insight into what the great poets like Keats and Donne were talking about in simple language that anyone can understand. Students will also learn to understand how poetry looks on the page and how it sounds when recited aloud from memory – believe us when we say, it makes all the difference! In this course we will cover the “Greatest Hits” of Poetry from the 17th to the 20th Century and will look at the poets themselves, the stories behind each one of these great works of art and what inspired them. Come with us on a true adventure and learn what it means to drink the milk of paradise.

What’s On Your Mind? A Look At Some of The Key Schools of Psychology

In this course we look at primary schools of thought in the study of psychology, ranging from the humanistic approach to therapy, behaviourism, Freud psychoanalytical research and so on. The format of this program involves a discussion on the history, the key characters and main components of their approach.

Talking To Animals: All About Animal Behaviour

A good introductory science course that examines the how, why and what of the animal kingdom and looks at animals as they gain resources, obtain mates, care for their young and avoid being eaten. Learn about the way animals go about their day-to-day lives and how evolution has shaped the behaviour of the biological world.

The World of Graphic Novels

This course explores the history of graphic novels, comic books and the diverse modern incarnations – A great course for those who are young at heart.


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