Our Program

All our courses are constantly evolving and can invigorate your social community calendar. And while we are always eager to modify our programs to suit you unique tastes and preferences, many of our clients like to choose between four of our most popular program structures.

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Traditional program
Our Traditional program follows a constructive teaching philosophy in the development of their course outline. Each session builds from the previous session, allowing residents to gain a deeper understanding and insight into the field of interest. Some examples are “The Past 100 Years of Football”, “Talking to Animals”, “The Science of Animal behavior”, language courses, or “Music throughout the Ages”.

Spotlight program
The topics in this program allow residents to get a broad overview of the field of interest, with emphasis on highlighting aspects that are most engaging and fascinating for the audience. The program presents a different aspect of the topic in a self-contained unit. For example, in our popular course “Where Biology Meets Fantasy”, we look at cryptozoology, the search for animals whose existence has not been proven. During the first session we look at Bigfoot, the second session, lake monsters, and the third session, displaced cryptids, looking at the Coelacanth, Tasmanian tiger and the big cats of Britain. Similarly, “The Schools of Psychology” look at different schools of psychology including psychoanalytical and Freud, Skinner and behaviourism, cognitive psychology and the humanistic approach.

Each topic within the field acts as a stand alone session and residents can attend as many, or as few sessions, without feeling that they are missing key aspects from the overall program.

Sample Bag
Our Sample Bag program is a useful option when you are uncertain which topics will interest your residents. It provides a diverse program of one-off classes with a variety of topics allowing residents to have a “taste” of different subjects and teaching styles.

We have trialed this program and found it to be a huge success. Currently, the program consists of these topics:

  1. Australian Bush Poetry
  2. William Shakespeare’s version of the History of the English Kings
  3. What psychologists learnt from used car sales men
  4. Ghost tales

All Things Weird, Wacky and Wonderful

A group of eclectic courses designed to peak the interest of your residents and get them involved. These include: “Banned Literature Throughout the Ages”, “The Science and Study of Ghosts” and “Tales from Sydney”, “The World of Graphic Novels and Comic Books”, “The History of Werewolves, UFOs, Witches and Zombies” and “Where Biology Meets Fantasy”.

Not sure what to choose? have a look at some of the suggestions by our facilitators!

Click below for more information on our programs and how we can help you save time and money